Race nights - Mondays

Benefit nights allow Non Profit Organisations  to earn substantial revenues ranging from €5,000 to over €20,000 for a one night event! At Longford Greyhound Stadium, we will  help you organise your fundraiser (for GAA Clubs, schools etc.), providing expert guidance and exceptional support.

If you are looking to raise between €1,000 and €5,000.......the easiest option is to sell admission tickets only. These are normally sold for €10 or €20.

If you are looking to raise between €5,000 and €10,000........ you could run a buster competition. This involves selling 720 tickets, again €10 or €20. These tickets give free entry to the track on the night and entry into a draw. There are 720 different combinations of the order the dogs can finish in a race, e.g. 123456, 213456, 132456 etc. Each combination is printed on a buster draw ticket. A race is nominated on the night and the person with the winning combination on their ticket wins a prize.

May include a combination of the above but also includes Race Sponsorship, Race Card Advertisements, Dog Nominators and a Raffle on the night.