Race nights - 

In the current climate, survival of the track will depend on everyone working together. Funds need to be raised to help to ensure the continuation of racing at the track. A major cost cutting plan has already been put into operation,resulting in a more streamlined running of the track. Money is currently raised through Membership Cards, the Nightly Draw and the monthly Lotto. Your money is used to support your track.  We would like to thank those who contribute on a regular basis. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Track Supporters Club funds are already used to support racing and maintaining the safety of the track for the dogs. Monies raised have been used to carry out several improvements such as the purchase of sand, new kennel doors, the vet’s room, sprinklers, replacing some of the floodlights. Future plans include improving the running rail, the installation of new 550 boxes, and the construction of a presentation area.  We will also be sponsoring stakes at the track but priority will be given to maintaining the quality of the racing surface and the safety of the greyhounds.2017 MEMBERSHIP CARDS NOW AVAILABLE! €15 

Please support our monthly LOTTO ... tickets €2.